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1. Is FlameCard valid in regional places of Azerbaijan?

-It will be available for use in regional places in near future.

2. What is the validity duration of FlameCard?

-Validity duration of FlameCard is 1 months and is shown on the cards.

3. What happens when the number of people in a group is 6 and they have a card for 3-5 people?

-If you are 6 people with a card for 3-5 people, and sit behind the same table, you will not get discount.

4. What to do when one of listed restaurants does not accept FlameCard?

-Contact us.

5. Can we get FlameCard online?

-This service is, currently unavailable. It is planned to launch it in the summer.

6. Are children in groups considered among the users of FlameCard?

-Children older than 6 years old are considered the users of FlameCard.

7. Do discounts apply to every offer in the menus of restaurants?

-Some exceptions are available, about which information is given on the description part of restaurants in our site.

8. How will we know that the fee on the brought cheque is the discounted fee?

-Both discounted and undiscounted fee will be written on the cheque. In case only one fee is shown on the cheque, you can ask the waiter to bring the both versions of the fee. 



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